Footsteps to Forever, Darkness into Light,
Forever We Serve and Legends Live On
A World War Two Thriller and Beyond   R. Samuel Baty

World War II Thriller and Beyond!

History - Suspense -  Romance - Adventure

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I'm Sam Baty, author of

  • Footsteps to Forever: A World War II Thriller
  • Darkness into Light: A Post World War II Sequel & Thriller.
  • Forever We Serve: A Korean War Thriller & Third Novel in Series.
  • Legends Live On: Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and Berlin Wall Eras.              

Read Footsteps to Forever and experience... 

  • Action in eight different countries
  • Decisions of the most powerful people of the WW II era
  • Story from both the Allied and German sides
  • Plans to keep atomic weapons out of the wrong hands
  • Action from the failed raid at Dieppe, fighting along the Russian Front, the Normandy D-Day invasion, and ferocious air battles in the Pacific
  • Spell-binding engagements on the land, in the air, and on the sea
  • Romance among key characters in the states and abroad
  • Nurse as the Heroine
  • Problems as relevant today as they were then
  • Exciting, interesting, and informative reading for men and women, young and old

 Footsteps to Forever

Darkness into Light; the sequel to Footsteps 

  • Major surviving characters of Footsteps to Forever included
  • Post World-War II Europe
  • Cold War era
  • Man and woman trying to find each other in war-ravaged Europe
  • Intelligence and spy arenas
  • Stunning and unimagined conclusion

Footsteps to Forever: A World War II Thriller


Forever We Serve:  A Korean War Thriller & Third Novel in Series

  • Political and military dramas of the time
  • Legendary Marine Chesty Puller, General Douglas MacArthur, General Matthew Ridgway, and President Harry Truman in commanding roles
  • Continuing endeavors of the key characters from earlier in the series
  • Lots of action!
  • Fine mix of history, suspense, romance, adventure, and destiny



Legends Live On: Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and Berlin Wall Eras

  • Fourth and final novel in series
  • Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Filled with romance, suspense, adventure, and great history (as are the other novels in the series)
  • Great history captured by including U.S. Presidents from JFK to George H. W. Bush and other powerhouses such as General Westmoreland 
  • Surprising and shocking finish as major characters reach senior citizen status
  • A must read for those who became attached to Jennifer, Otto, and the others!


The Future: 


Big-screen movies or TV mini-series (hopefully)


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